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BLG attorneys represent clients in technology transactions, real estate, and other vendor contract-related matters, including the following business activities.
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Our Practice Areas

We represent clients in the areas of technology, market data, digital content, privacy, cyber-security, outsourcing, vendor contracts and corporate real estate matters including the following business activities
Technology & Outsourcing
Cloud & “As-A-Service” Arrangements

Application & Web Development

Software Licensing

Maintenance & Support

ITO & Managed Service Provider Arrangements

Business Process Outsourcing

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data Centers & Co-Location

Hardware Purchase & Leasing

Electronic Trading & Order Management

Free & Open-Source Licensing

Use & Rights Management

Contract Gap Analyses & Remediation

Workouts & Dispute Resolution

M&A and Due Diligence Support

Templates & Sourcing Processes

Market Data & Digital Content
Market Data & Alternative Data Sourcing

Exchange Agreements

Content Distribution & Licensing

Data Use & Rights Management

Audit Responses

Contract Gap Analyses & Remediation

Data Mining, Analytics, Archiving & Data

Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality
Corporate Real Estate
Office Leasing

Retail Leasing

Restaurant & Bar Leasing

Purchase & Sale

Design & Construction

Facilities Vendor Contracts

Brokerage Agreements

Property & Facilities Management Outsourcing

Data Centers (MSAs and Data Center Leases)

Moving & Physical Storage

Furniture Agreements

Experiential and Pop-Up Retail

Privacy & Cybersecurity
GDPR Compliance

CCPA, NYDFS & Other Compliance Regimes

International Data Transfers

Privacy Notices & Policies

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Data Subject Requests

Records of Processing

Intragroup Data Transfer Agreements

Cyber and Physical Security Contractual Standards

Data Processing Agreements, Templates & Negotiations

Technology & Outsourcing Regulations
Experts in Global Financial Services Regulations

Governance & Due Diligence Requirements

Comparison of Global Regulations

Contract Gap Analyses & Remediation Projects

Corporate & Professional Services
Audit & Accountancy Services

Consulting & Professional Services

Marketing & Events

Office Supplies

Travel & Executive Aviation

Expense Management

Online Ordering & Delivery

Print & Distribution

File Destruction & Storage

Vehicle Service
Software & Infrastructure
Data & Digital Content
Corporate Real Estate
IT Services
Global Sourcing (ITO/BPO)
Vehicle Service
Corporate Services
What We Offer

Our Practice Areas

Software & Infrastructure

Data & Digital Content

Corporate Real Estate

IT Services

Global Sourcing (ITO/BPO)

Corporate Services