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Bortstein Legal Group – Cookie Notice

Cookies are small blocks of data (text file) that are placed on devices by our website via your internet browser. Cookies let us remember information about you, such as your preferences. Cookies can also be used to help us improve website functionality. These cookies are set by us and are known as first-party cookies, all originating from within our website domain. We do not use third-party cookies, originating from a domain other than our own.

Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for core website functionality such as security, website usability and network management. Whilst it is possible to block these cookies via your browser, doing so would cause the website to malfunction.

Cookie Name:
wp-settings-1, wp-settings-time-1 This cookie stores user website settings and preferences, for example to customize your view of the admin interface and possibly also the main site interface.
wordpress_logged_in, wordpress_sec_ This technical cookie has a session duration. WordPress uses this cookie, where applicable, to indicate when you are logged in, who you are, for most interface use. The lifespan of this cookie depends upon the length of time of a session during which the user is logged into the website.
PHPSESSID This technical cookie has a session duration. As you browse around the pages on this site, the session cookie tells the website that you are the same person requesting the web pages and not a new visitor to each page. The lifespan of this cookie depends upon the time of session in which user is logged in to the site.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies allow us to count visits, interpret usability/popularity of website pages, determine abstract (non-identifiable) groupings of website traffic sources and effectiveness of web pages. We use Google Analytics functionality. You can consent to enable us to do this via our cookie management tool, however, you are not obliged to do so. If you do not give consent, we will not enable these cookies.

The Google Analytics cookie privacy statement can be found here: Google Web Analytics Privacy Statement.

How to manage cookies:

You can manage the use of cookies by amending your cookies settings in the settings/preference options via our cookie management tool. You can then adjust the sliders to “On” or “Off” as you prefer.

Alternatively, you may also be able to manage cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser.  For more general information about cookies, including more about what they are and what have been set on your device, visit

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit the following Google website page: