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Larry Thomas
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Larry Thomas is a veteran technology lawyer with years of experience in both law firms and as in-house counsel.  Larry has represented world-renowned clients in the financial services, health care, technology, telecomm, manufacturing, retail and government sectors.  Throughout the course of his 20+ year career, he has negotiated hundreds of domestic and international technology-related transactions of all types, including EMR systems, global telecommunication deals, service and manufacturing outsourcing, complex technology transfer and e-commerce initiatives, market data and data-mining, and routine professional service and license agreements. Larry always strives to provide strategic, pragmatic counsel that serves to maximize the value of every transaction while reasonably mitigating risk for his clients.

Larry’s previous roles as both an in-house lawyer and outside counsel, for both vendors and users of technology, have provided him a comprehensive, strategic understanding of the clients and industries he serves.  Prior to joining BLG, Larry founded and managed his own technology law firm, was a member of a global law firm, worked for a global financial services company and for a multi-national technology company. Larry has also teamed up with vendors and users of technology, including Mayo Clinic, Fidelity Investments, Best Buy, General Electric and Cargill, to develop best practices relating to contract templates and inbound and outbound contract processes.

Larry’s diverse experience enables him to bring a uniquely qualified and focused perspective on how to best deliver efficient, strategic and on-point counsel to his clients.